How I Met Your Mother: 10 Things About Ted That Would Never Fly Today Ted was an interesting character, but some aspects of his character wouldn"t fly today.

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How I Met Your Mother was billed as a gr& love story, told in reverse. Nine years of a love story, told by an unreliable narrator, Ted Mosby. Just lượt thích everyone else in the world, Teddy Westside’s not the saint he believes himself to lớn be of even remotely the anh hùng of his own story.

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Ted’s just a guy trying lớn find his soulmate, lượt thích anyone else in the world. But he wasn’t always nice about it. Here are 10 things about Ted that would never fly today. 

A lot of what Ted does wouldn’t just never fly today, it would never fly ever, period. Once Robin turned hyên ổn down, Ted seemingly found instant happiness with Victoria. But when the relationship turned long distance, Ted started getting antsy and worried that things were going south. But instead of confronting the issue head-on & talking lớn her about it, he thought it would be a good idea to lớn head to lớn Robin’s late night. They chia sẻ a kiss before Ted breaks it off with Victoria. 

9 Constantly Pressured Robin 

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From the moment he first laid eyes on Robin, she was all he ever wanted. The guy would vày all things that would be illegal anywhere but Sitcomlvà khổng lồ win over Robin’s heart. But he also kept pushing the idea of a relationship right down her throat.

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First he declared his love sầu for her from their very first date. Lastly, he basically broke into lớn her trang chủ with an entire orchestra to get a date out of the girl. Teddy Westside can’t seem to take a hint. 

The entire show is one big flashback. An adult Ted is telling his two kids the grandiose story of he met their mother. It’s filled with all kinds of twists & turns và many superfluous stories that have nothing to vì chưng with Ted eventually meeting Tracy. But Ted also thought it was a good idea to lớn tell his kids every sordid detail. All of the women he and Barney booked up with, all of the “sandwiches” that they ate, và ever dirty detail. You think he could have left some of the grosser details out when telling his kids about his grvà love sầu story. 

7 Can’t Remember A Girl He Dated

It made for a pretty funny concept and episode - in “Double Date,” he meets a girl named Jen. They seem to lớn hit it off, but both of them quickly realize that they’ve sầu not only met years before, they’ve sầu been on the same date before! Again, funny concept for a sitcom, but to completely forget someone in real life is horrible. 

When Lily left Marshall to lớn head to San Francisco, she left the Marshmallow in complete shambles. Shambles that Ted had khổng lồ painstakingly put bachồng together as any good friend would. He also referred to lớn Lily as a “Grinch,” và let his kids know that he definitely didn’t use the word “Grinch.”

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He used a word that certainly too risqué (and funnier) to not mention on TV. In fact he used a horrible word khổng lồ describe his supposed other best frikết thúc several times during that particular episode. 

5 Lived Like Barney For A Night 

As he was trying to live life after breaking up with Robin, Barney had convinced Ted to lớn live sầu like there was “No Tomorrow.” That meant being a complete cad khổng lồ anyone và everyone he met. In one night alone, he hits on woman with the sole intention of having a one night st&, kissed a married woman, and buys alcohol on a complete stranger’s tab. To add insult khổng lồ injury, he kept “butt-dialing” Marshall who heard every sordid detail & had khổng lồ yell at Ted khổng lồ phối him straight.