Kiêu Hãnh Và Định Kiến 2005 Vietsub

Mr. Darcy và Elizabeth Bennet in Pride & Prejudice 2005.Ten years ago, the now adored adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride và Prejudice premiered in limited release on November 11, 2005. The film was adapted by Deborah Moggach with some additional script help from Emma Thompson(who won the Oscar for her adaptation of Sense and Sensibility) and directed by Joe Wright (Atonement). This adaptation of Pride and Prejudice had just the right talent to lớn bring Jane Austen’s beloved novel khổng lồ the screen.

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Surprisingly, there hadn’t been a feature film adaptation since the 1940 one starring Greer Garson & Laurence Olivier. And with the iconic status surrounding the much-loved 1995 TV adaptation with Colin Firth và Jennifer Ehle, bringing the story lớn the big screen would be no easy task – especially if Wright wanted lớn please Jane Austen fans around the world who viewed the 1995 adaptation as the quintessential version. Still, Joe Wright found a way to lớn once again bring Jane Austen’s story to lớn life in a new way. The 2000’s (with period dramas lượt thích North & SouthJane Eyre) brought a more modern approach to lớn period filmmaking, introducing younger fans inlớn the world of costume drama in a more accessible approach, which Wright did in spades.

So, on this special 10th anniversary of Pride và Prejudice 2005, I decided it was time lớn revisit this instant classic – which will continue lớn rank as one of the best period dramas of all time for many years khổng lồ come.



Matthew Macfadyen as Mr. Darcy in the gorgeous sunphối scene.

Years after its release, the Keira Knightley/Matthew Macfadyen version of Austen’s novel has become a real favorite amongst period drama lovers everywhere. While there’s no dive sầu into lớn a pond, there is an epic walk at sunrise as Mr. Darcy walks romantically (& with purpose) toward Elizabeth. This may be one of the most rewind-worthy scenes in any film ever (nothing competes with the Dirty Dancing over sequence – sorry Mr. Darcy), perfectly encapsulating why old-fashioned romance on the big screen works – & why there needs to lớn be more of it.

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Macfadyen had a lot to lớn live up to lớn following on the heels of Colin Firth, but he found a way khổng lồ make the character his own. Macfadyen, lượt thích Darcy in a way, has a way of growing on you. At first, I didn’t like hyên ổn because all I could see was Colin Firth’s interpretation in my mind. But as the film continued, Macfadyen grew on me just as Elizabeth found herself warming lớn hlặng as well. Now, I admit I love sầu him every bit as much in the role as Firth.



Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet.

As for Elizabeth Bennet, Knightley interpreted Elizabeth with an almost introverted temperament – prone to lớn prideful outbursts due to lớn keeping her feelings lớn herself. Knightley captures the independent nature of Elizabeth while also giving her a sensual appeal. Keira Knightley received an Osoto nomination for her performance – & deservedly so – for the full range of emotions she presents throughout the film. It may be her best role khổng lồ date. Together, Macfadyen & Knightley created an intense onscreen chemistry with one entertaining scene after the other – their banter a cthua kém match to lớn Austen’s.


Mr. Collins makes a hilarious proposal.

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Joe Wright proved khổng lồ be the perfect director possible to lớn bring Jane Austen inlớn the 21st century while also staying true to lớn the essence and spirit of Jane Austen’s classic masterpiece.

On top of Knightley & Macfadyen, every role (down to the last extra) was perfectly cast in this adaptation. From the “shy” Jane (this is my favorite interpretation of her character), the loving Mr. Bennet, the Orlanvì chưng Bloom take on Mr. Wickđê mê, the foolish and selfish Lydia, the hilarious & eye-rolling Mr. Collins, the most three-dimensional interpretation of Charlotte Lucas who feels trapped by her situation in life, the scene-stealing Judi Dench as Lady Catherine de Bourg, the sweet Mr. Bingley and more, everyone was perfection. Not only did each actor give the best performance possible, but they played off each other with an explosion of synergy. Joe Wright (as surprising of a choice he was at the time) proved lớn be the perfect director possible khổng lồ bring Jane Austen inlớn the 21st century while also staying true khổng lồ the essence & spirit of Jane Austen’s classic masterpiece.

Besides the svào performances, the authentiđô thị of the story was also incredible with accurate period detail, including gorgeous costumes from costume designer Jacqueline Durran, và a level of realism used with characterization, camera angles và more.

Mr. Darcy và Elizabeth tóm tắt a dance.

One major change lớn this adaptation was the setting & tone. Wright brought a touch of romanticism lớn the story with shots of nature và gothic like weather lớn represent the shifting moods of the characters. The Bronte-esque approach khổng lồ Austen’s work may be a strange choice, but it really worked. Who can forget the impassioned first proposal between Darcy & Elizabeth in the rain? It was an artistic choice & one that paid off. Wright was able to condense the length of the novel while still capturing the essence of the story by incorporating visual cues that matched the feelings of reading Pride và Prejudice – at least as Wright interpreted it. It was a brilliant move on his part.

A perfect example of this visual technique was the scene when Elizabeth và Mr. Darcy dance (& argue) with the crowd disappearing around them. That way, the audience would underst& that nobody toàn thân else was in the room for Darcy và Elizabeth. A clever, visual metaphor.

The Bennet Sisters in Pride và Prejudice.

Overall, the 2005 Pride & Prejudice has the best of what good period dramas have khổng lồ offer. The script with its clever dialogue, the set kiến thiết, the beautiful costumes, the performances, the smoldering, the realistic female relationships, flawed và human female characters, the epic old-fashioned romance where the touch of a hand is worth its weight in gold. Not to lớn mention Mr. Darcy. And then there’s Elizabeth – who most of us want lớn be (you know you take those online Jane Austen quizzes & cheat!)

The 10th anniversary of this romantic drama marks the perfect time for a re-watch – or a first-time watch if you still haven’t been able lớn risk seeing another adaptation after the 1995 masterpiece. I say enjoy this wonderful version & remember: There’s plenty of room for more than one great adaptation. I lượt thích to think of it lượt thích a play. There are many productions with various directors và actors over the years, but each interpretation brings something new. And what this adaptation brings is magic!

Do you love sầu Pride và Prejudice 2005? What are your thoughts on Joe Wright’s interpretation? Do you have a favorite moment? Let me know in the comments.