11 Chrome Flags You Should Enable To Boost Your Browsing

Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers work out of the box for the most part. All versions of Google Chrome come with support for "Chrome flags", which unlocks a treasure trove sầu of features, many of which are considered beta or experimental.

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Google uses different Chrome editions for development purposes, including Chrome Canary and Beta. Some features are introduced as flags, and users need to lớn enable them lớn make them work in the browser. While it is often not recommended to vày so, especially in work environments, it may sometimes unloông chồng useful features that would not be available for weeks or months otherwise.

Many features of Chrome"s flag page are integrated natively in the browser at one point in development, but it may also happen that some are removed without further notice.

How to access Chrome Flags

All users may access experimental flags in Chrome. All that is required for that is khổng lồ type chrome://flags in the browser lớn get started.


Google Chrome displays a warning at the top & the danh sách of flags below that on the page. The danh mục begins with flags that are user-enabled, và then the remaining flags. The unavailable tab lists flags that are not available, e.g. because they are not supported on a platform or setup.

Each flag is listed with its name, a short description, platkhung availability, và status. There is also a handy links to lớn jump to lớn that flag right away in the browser.

Title and mô tả tìm kiếm are often enough lớn figure out what a particular flag does. Sometimes, you may need khổng lồ run a tìm kiếm for the name of a feature lớn find out more before changing its status.

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An example: If you load chrome://flags/#enable-tab-search in Chrome, the Tab Search experiment is displayed. You may select the box on the right to lớn change the status of the flag khổng lồ Enabled or Disabled. Changes require a restart of the browser before they take effect. Chrome will display a relaunch button


You may encounter different statuses when you work with the chrome://flags page. The most common ones are:

Default -- this is the mặc định value as set by Google. Its value can be Enabled or Disabled, or it may have sầu another value.Enabled -- the experimental Chrome flag is enabled.Disabled -- the flag is disabled in the browser.


Closing Words

Chrome Flags opens a world of configuration options. You may use them lớn enable features that are not ready for inclusion in Chrome Stable, or disable features that Google is testing currently.

Ultimately, it is not as great of a configuration tool as Firefox"s about:config page, but it gives Chrome users temporary control over some features of the browser.

All other Chromium-based browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Brave, Opera & Vivaldi, support flags as well. You may open them using a different address, e.g. edge://flags instead of chrome://flags in Microsoft Edge, but the available experiments are mostly the same.