Can't download from google drive, here's how to fix it

Thanks khổng lồ the dominance of Gmail, both in our personal & professional lives, lots of us have switched to Google Drive sầu for our cloud storage needs.

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Google Drive sầu is generally a great tool. Personal accounts get 15 GB of storage for free; basic corporate accounts get 30 GB. You can edit all kinds of documents, including Microsoft Office ones, right within the phầm mềm. You can even chia sẻ files with others and tải về them too.

The downloading part, however, does sometimes break. Do a quichồng search online, and you’ll see lots of messages asking for help to the tune of “Google Drive sầu won’t let me download my files.”

A common error here is HTTP. 403, saying that access to lớn … was denied. Logically, you might wonder how that can be & why Google could be restricting access to your own files.

Let’s look at some of the reasons behind why you cannot download Google Docs & explore a few ways for how khổng lồ fix it.

Why Google Drive Won’t Let Me Download Files?

While Google Drive sầu errors for denying access, failing to lớn perkhung an action, or forbidding something are truly very occasional, they nevertheless result in a fury of questions from users.

Few things are as alarming as not being able to have complete control of your files. So why does it happen?

There are generally three catalysts for Google Drive sầu errors: your user account, your browser, or your Mac (or even a combination of these).

But don’t worry, here’s a thorough troubleshooting guide that will allow you to download your files again in no time.

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Try a few ways khổng lồ tải về files

Surprisingly, Google Drive sầu gives you several methods for downloading any file. So while there might be a glitch with one of them, others might work as usual.

First, if you cannot tải về Google Docs files, try lớn open them in the editor & then select File ➙ Download ➙ piông chồng a format.

Second, for any other tệp tin, you can right-cliông xã in Google Drive sầu ➙ Download.


The problem is that the process for each browser is quite different & making sure you delete all cached files và cookies is not easy. When you want full control over the data your browsers retain, you should use an optimization tool lượt thích CleanMyMac X.

CleanMyMac X is a powerful but intuitive ứng dụng that lets you tweak any part of your Mac in just a few clicks. You can scan your drive for old, unused files, get rid of mail attachments, miễn phí up RAM, reindex Spotlight, uninstall apps completely, và, of course, clean anything within your browser.

To delete cabít & cookies from all browsers at the same time:

Launch CleanMyMac XNavigate to lớn the Privacy tabCheông xã all your browsers & select CookiesClichồng Remove


As you can see, the Google Drive not downloading problem has lots of potential solutions. First, try a few options of downloading the tệp tin from Google Drive itself. Then, log out và log baông xã in using a single trương mục. Try lớn go inkhổng lồ the private browsing mode. Clear your browser’s cađậy và cookies with CleanMyMac X. Disable your ad blocker. Stabilize your WiFi with NetSpot. Finally, mount Google Drive sầu as an external drive on your Mac with CloudMounter. If all else fails, restarting your Mac is always there.

Best of all, CleanMyMac X, NetSpot, & CloudMounter are available to you absolutely free for seven days through the trial of Setứng dụng, a platform with more than 210 apps that any Mac user would find incredibly useful, from managing your menu bar (Bartender) to lớn protecting your online privacy (ClearVPN). Test out every Setphầm mềm app today at no cost and find the ones you have lớn add to your collection!